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High Technology in Best Hotel in Singapore, Grand Park City Hall

 One of the best hotels in Singapore is Grand Park City Hall. It is the best recommendation for you and your family. However, modern does not mean destroying history. That is the principle of Park Hotel Group when doing restoration. This hotel, which also gets the nickname visitor-friendly, is a must for you to visit. So we will present its review in the following review.

Easy to Reach

Why is it easy for you to come? You don't have to spend more than 30 minutes at Changi International Airport. You can take advantage of the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train to follow the East-West Line. It has a green sign when you stop at City Hall Station, then walk.

You will find the Grand Park City Hall building with a neo-classical facade that appears with white paint. The hotel has received a contemporary design through its colonial facade and clean design lines by design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

After arriving at the entrance to the ground floor, guests will receive directions from the staff to take the elevator to the check-in lobby on the third floor. "Hello, have you downloaded the mobile app?" These questions will greet you when you check in.

The launch of Grand Park City Hall also received support from the launch of smartphones to make every step of the guest easier. You can also do the check-in process online using an internet connection and cellphone, even while on the way to the hotel.

When the account is active, the application also works as a digital key to access the elevator and your room door. That way, there is no need to hold a key card anymore, even when checking out. The modernity of this staycation does not stop there because you can adjust the lighting function, even the room temperature.

The television you want to turn on, to sending messages to hotel staff, you have to do online. It becomes more practical and efficient, but you can also use a key card to keep it conventional.

Many Choices for Staying Rooms

This accommodation from hotel promotion Singapore accommodates 343 room options. The units are also divided into five categories, namely Deluxe, Premier, Crystal Club Premier, and Deluxe, as well as the Park Suite which looks more beautiful because of the small garden and private Jacuzzi.

Other facilities that make this five-star hotel more attractive are a restaurant and bar tablescape, a crystal club lounge specifically for guests who choose Crystal Club Premier, and Deluxe rooms. Another part that is no less interesting is the cutting-edge technology that holds many stories and is inspired by local historical characters.

The arrangement of the furniture in each unit seems to breathe the Old City. Contemporary paintings by local artists, such as Aubrey Kurlansky, make the walls of the room more attractive thanks to inspiration from the History of the Lion Country. The atmosphere that feels will take you to the passage of time and mingle with old Singapore culture in a futuristic niche.

Hotel promotion Singapore has given you the best choice. Now, it's time for you to make vacation plans and make online bookings by utilizing the latest technology from the best hotels in Singapore.

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